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David Hockney's paintings of wealthy California suburbs get stop-motion animation treatment

Hockney has a retrospective up at London’s Tate Britain museum

This is cool: The Tate Britain museum commissioned a promotional video featuring stop-motion animation to tease their retrospective for David Hockney, the 79-year-old British artist whose vivid paintings of wealthy, suburban California helped bring him renown.

In celebration of Hockney’s work, animator Thomas Harnett O’Meara created the trailer-style video, which uses the sun-splashed pastel hues for which Hockney’s paintings became known in a series of quick shots of residential life in a well-to-do enclave.

The teaser briefly pans over a pool, a manicured yard with its sprinklers whirring, an allée of palm trees, and an animated Hockney, donning a cardigan and pageboy cap.

The exhibition, which opened last week and is one of the largest ever on Hockney with a total 250 works, runs at the Tate Britain until Monday, May 29. Read more right over here at the Tate Britain website.