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Alvar Aalto's iconic Stool 60 gets cool-kid cred from streetwear brand Supreme

For the hypebeast who has everything

A stack of circular stools with curved legs and seats patterned with black and white checkerboard.
Alvar Aalto’s iconic Stool 60 gets the cool-kid treatment.
Photos via Dezeen

Calling all hypebeasts looking to furnish your pads: This is the collaboration you didn’t know you’ve been waiting for. That’s because you never truly understood what was lacking in your lives—until now.

That missing piece would be the iconic (and much copied) Stool 60 by master Finnish designer Alvar Aalto that now features a checkerboard-patterned seat by New york cult sportswear brand (and hypebeast favorite) Supreme.

Why is this necessary, you might ask? We don’t really have an answer ourselves, but think of the three-legged piece of furniture as the ubiquitous checkered slip-on Vans sneakers, but in stool form.

The shoe’s design is timeless, but in a solid color, it could also be a little boring. Getting a pair in the checkerboard pattern, however screams cool, edgy, and so punk-rock.

The same is true of the Aalto X Supreme stool. Why settle for a simple seat of unparalleled purity and functionality when you can get one outfitted in a bold black-and-white pattern that would be generic except for a single square emblazoned with Supreme’s red-and-white box logo?

The collection, which goes on sale later this month, also includes Aalto’s Bench 153A embellished with the same pattern.

Via: Dezeen