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Renovated cave ruin makes for a surprisingly cozy modern home

Courtyards, arches, and a light tunnel

modern cave home All photos via Designboom

Over in the Loess Plateau in Shanxi, China, the traditional cave dwelling got a modern makeover courtesy of Chinese architecture studio hyperSity Architects. The striking home takes over a barrel-vaulted recess in the earth, and comprises a combination of new spaces and a derelict existing cave revamped for contemporary living.

With the original cave dwellings serving as precedent, the designers chose rammed earth for the building material, creating a perimeter wall around a series of courtyards, which provide access to a bedroom, dining, kitchen, and storage. They also channeled the barrel vault form of the site into curves and arches in the walls, ceilings, and doors.

Particularly interesting is the renovation of an original cave into a contemporary living room and “grandmother’s room.” A timber screen filters light into the living area, while the bedroom deeper in the cave is illuminated by a circular skylight in between the two spaces. You can peep many more photos, including “before” shots, here.

Via: Designboom