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This hanging tent is an instant treehouse

Never sleep on the ground again

The Treepod Camper, $600.
Courtesy of Treepod

Whether you want to get off the ground for camping or just build a treehouse for your kids, this tent offers an easy solution. Called the Treepod, the hanging tent holds up to 500 pounds and attaches to a tree branch with just one suspension point.

The original Treepod costs $324.99 and is made from durable, weather-resistant nylon and aluminum framing. The fabric is treated with a UV-coating to offer protection from the sun, and a zip door and mesh windows allows for airflow. Meant for kids six and up, the Treepod is an instant fort that could work at beaches, in backyards, or in forests.

The larger Treepod Camper ($600) is a soon-to-be-released model that gets campers away from insects, critters, rocks, and roots. Find a strong anchor tree and the lightweight and aluminum tent can support two adults.

Don’t have a tree around? The company also offers a stand ($249) that’s designed for use on decks, patios, indoors, or in yards without trees.

Check out a video, below: