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Boxy modernist playground combines Bauhaus with a lookout and zip line

A sophisticated and architectural place to play

A series of wooden, cubic volumes come together in horizontal play structure on a sloped site with cantilevered platform, zip line platform, climbing wall, and other fun zones.
A sophisticated play place made out of timber.
Photos via Dezeen

Oh, to be young and agile again! This wooden structure in suburban Massachusetts is the latest entrant into the realm of cool playgrounds for kids, and it’s got us pining for our more youthful days.

Designed by architects Brandon Clifford of Matter Design and Michael Schanbacher of FR|SCH Projects, the architectural Five Fields Play Structure doesn’t dumb down physical play and instead elevates it through smart and challenging design.

Comprising a series of cubic volumes, the play place is made of timber and features various connections, nooks, passageways, and built-in activities that make the entire structure interactive. Activities include a climbing wall, zip line, and climbing rope, while architectural elements like staircases, a ladder, lookout, and ledge offer additional opportunities for play and exploration.

Situated on a sloping site on shared land in Lexington’s Five Lands neighborhood, the jungle gym takes advantage of its locale by creating a cantilevering platform at one end that acts as a covered shelter, creating yet another fun zone which the children can adapt according to their imagination.

Via: Dezeen