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Tiny floating orbs let you sleep in the treetops

Treecations start at $175 per night

The Eve treehouse at Free Spirit Spheres on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
Courtesy of Free Spirit Spheres

If you’re sick and tired of being boxed in by a 325-square-foot hotel room, look no further than these handcrafted spherical treehouses available for nightly rental on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island.

Called Free Spirit Spheres, the adults-only treehouse resort contains three suspended orbs that are open year round. The spheres are set high in the trees of the coastal rainforest, made of fiberglass, and range from 9 to 10.5 feet in diameter. Each sphere took 3 years to build and they feature drop-drop beds, workspaces, and sinks—the two larger pods can easily sleep two while the smallest orb is better for one.

Owner Tom Chudleigh designed the spheres as an escape from everyday architecture. “There’s something different about being in a sphere,” he says. “Normal buildings that we’re in are all about separation...when you step into a sphere there is no separation. There’s only one wall.”

From the inside of the orb, round windows provide a view into the peaceful forest canopy outside. If there’s a breeze in the forest, guests say that the orbs sway gently. And while there are no bathroom facilities within each treehouse, there is a composting toilet outhouse at the base of each sphere and a bathhouse nearby. Rates start at $175 CAD ($135) per night.

As you might expect, the unique accommodations at Free Spirit Spheres have resulted in some incredible Instagram shots. Here are a few of the best:

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