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Win this sweet organic farm with a 200-word essay

Have we finally reached peak “win-a-house” essay contest?

Organic farm in North Carolina Bluebird Hill Farm

There are few better ways to ditch your cold winter blues than by fantasizing about winning a lavender-covered 12.88-acre organic farm in warm and verdant North Carolina. All you have to do is whip up a 200-word essay and mail it along with a $300 entry fee to Essay Contest, P.O. Box 851, Siler City, NC, 27344, USA by June 1. Easy peasy!

Just imagine gazing contentedly across your placid pond at Bluebird Hill Farm, the sound of gentle clucking issuing from the chickens in the coop, garlic drying on the rocking chairs resting on the porch of the two-bedroom home. Architect and farm owner Norma Burns has owned Bluebird Hill for almost two decades, and now she wants to give it away to an organically farming couple in need of a farm of their own.

But wait a minute. These essay contests aren’t always what they appear. Whether your carefully crafted 200 words are gunning for a Catskills cabin or a historic Maine Inn or a weird-tool-adorned-house in Indiana or a vastly less creepy house in Indiana, keep in mind that these contests can draw in thousands of entries and big bucks for the folks putting them on while also attracting unwanted fame and criticism upon the winners. As the win-a-house contestants of yore might say: caveat writor.

Via: Inhabitat