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Ikea’s gorgeous new collection highlights Scandinavian modern style

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The first “Stockholm” collection debuted in 1984

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ikea sofa
Stockholm 2017 sofa, $1,299; ottoman, $139

While Ikea’s M.O. of late seems to be doubling down on special collaborations with everyone from fashion designers to the South African design platform Design Indaba, its latest announcement shifts focus back to its Swedish heritage. First launched in 1984, the company’s “Stockholm” collection has craftsmanship and a “Scandinavian modernity” at its core, resulting in higher-quality investment pieces designed and produced at what the company calls the “right pace” for savoring all the details.

Because of this “slow design” approach, there has only been five Stockholm collections so far, the last one being the 2013 release, a midcentury-inspired line filled with leather, velvet, and walnut. This time around, the 47-piece collection will highlight natural materials like rattan, handblown glass, and ash, as well as a “dark, Nordic blue” color scheme inspired by the region’s shimmering seas.

Below, preview highlights from the new Stockholm collection before it launches in April.

Stockholm 2017 armchair, $149; cushion set, $80
Handblown glassware, $4.99 to $39.99
Stockholm 2017 coffee table, $109; table lamp, $49.99; tray $29.99
Stockholm 2017 cushions, $12.99 to $14.99