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Genius tiny house is full of DIY transforming furniture

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Ana White via Treehugger

One of the raddest small apartment maneuvers we’ve ever seen is the motorized bed that drops down from the ceiling. And now, the same brilliant idea has been deployed in—what else?—a tiny house.

Built by self-taught carpenter Ana White and her husband, Jacob, this 24-foot-long tiny house is a showcase for transforming furniture. The main attraction is, of course, the $500 DIY retractable bed that can be elevated above the sofa by the push of a button. The sectional sofa with built-in storage can also be rearranged into a guest bed. Meanwhile, the modular storage cubes can serve as portable steps to the bed or laptop cushions.

That’s just the beginning. Other clever tricks here include a built-in console at the center of the home, covered by sliding doors that can pull up into two desks or one longer table, not to mention a sliding pantry in the kitchen and a sliding closet in the bathroom. As Treehugger details, the whole project cost the client about $60,000. White is planning to release free DIY plans for this tiny house (furniture and bed included) on her website.

Have a closer look in the video tour, below.

Via: Treehugger