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Inside an old van turned tiny mobile home

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A freelance photographer and his fiancée share the space

Hungarian photographer Norbert Juhász converted this 16-year-old van into a compact mobile home for himself and his fiancée.
Photos by Norbert Juhász via Designboom

Tiny mobile living fans, this one’s for you: Hungarian photographer (and former architecture student) Norbert Juhász converted this compact, 16-year-old van to make a home for himself and his fiancée, Dóra.

Motivated by a desire to spend less and live a more untethered life, Juhász set to work making the van habitable. He settled on a scheme that involves, as these tend to, multi-use furniture, made of MDF and reclaimed wood, that serve double duty as storage. The couch, for example, pulls out to accommodate the couple at bed time. And a compact kitchen comes equipped with a gas range, a refrigerator, and places for pots and plates.

So, how’s it all powered? A 250-watt solar array on the roof provides some electricity, alongside the engine’s generator, and a 220-volt socket for plugging the van in to another source, reports Designboom. In terms of cooking and bathing a 11-kilogram cylinder offers the gas needed to fire up the kitchen range, while a 70-kilogram water tank offers water for both the interior sink and an outdoor shower.

Take a full look around over at Designboom.

A view inside the van before the revamp.