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Midcentury Palm Springs home, impressively restored, asks $587K

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Designed in 1958 by Palmer & Krisel

Exterior shot of front of single-story house with slanted roof, brick detailing and grey, wood-paneled walls with red trimmed front door. Desert landscaping.
Just a few minor architectural adjustments made a world of difference.
Photos via Crosby Doe Associates

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Location: Palm Springs, California

Price: $587,000

Here’s a fascinating look at a total refresh of a Palmer & Krisel-designed midcentury house in Palm Springs. Originally built in 1958 by the Alexander Construction Company, the 1,697-square-foot three-bedroom recently underwent an extensive renovation that brought the home back to its original glory and into contemporary life.

As you can see from the previous listing’s photos (when the house sold for $215,000 in 2012), the single-story needed some work. Thanks to just a few minor architectural adjustments and a new interior decorating scheme, it’s now completely transformed.

The house is flooded with natural light, which had been previously blocked by a large porch awning. This allows the spotlight to be on the great room and its beamed and vaulted ceiling, and the wall of sliding glass doors that opens up the space to the backyard and swimming pool.

The kitchen remains in its original spot, but with a couple of partition walls knocked down, and that makes a world of difference. Though there aren’t before photos of the bedrooms and bathrooms, if the rest of the house is any indication, they have been significantly upgraded as well.

It’s also worth noting that the bright-and-airy quality to the house comes from the fact that a lot of landscaping was altered as well, including cutting down large shrubs from the front of the house.

Amenities include solar paneling, a bonus room, outdoor shower, and a new, prefab pool house-office. The new and improved house at 233 North Farrell Drive is worth a look, and if it tugs at you, it’s yours for $587,000—furnished.

Photos via Estately

Via: Crosby Doe Associates, Estately

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