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Adorable Aussie beach shack masters cozy, laid-back style

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interior of Australian beach shack home Photos by Eve Wilson via The Design Files

Australian homes tend to be good at finding that perfect balance between “stylish” and “lived-in,” and the latest example to charm us off our feet is this little beach shack in Mount Martha, a seaside town in the Melbourne area.

Owned by Jeff Provan, co-founder of residential development company Neometro, and his wife, Mariko, the unassuming two-bedroom house is located a stone’s throw from Mount Martha beach. It’s also been preserved nearly exactly as is—which is to say, cozy and relaxed.

Inside, newly painted walls and polished floors serve as a fresh and spare backdrop to the couple’s collection of furniture and objects accumulated over 40 years, including the delightful assortment of chairs in the dining area. Be sure to take the full tour at The Design Files.

Via: The Design Files