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These 3D-printed chocolates were inspired by architecture

Though Valentine’s Day is behind us, it’s never too late for candy

These stair-shaped sweets by Sydney, Australia’s Bakedown Cakery, created in collaboration with local design agency Universal Favourite, come in flavors like shortbread, lemon, and black currant.
Photos by Universal Favourite via Designboom

Though Valentine’s Day came and went on Tuesday, February 14, chocolate is forever. And when said chocolate is shaped like miniature staircases, echoing in form and color the work of Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill or the Escher-esque geometricism of designy video game Monument Valley, it’s even more covetable.

Sydney, Australia-based design agency Universal Favourite teamed up with local patisserie Bakedown Cakery to create Complements, this series of architecture-inspired sweets, which come in flavors like fairy floss, lemon, cookies and cream, black currant, and pistachio. For the adventuresome, they interlock to form dual-flavor structures.

Each chocolate was 3D printed as, natch, gifts for clients of the design agency. Smart thinking—who doesn’t love chocolate? Word from Designboom is that the chocolates will also be made available for purchase to the general public.