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7 dramatic home library ideas

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Yes, please

When you can’t visit grand libraries with stunning architecture whenever you want, the next best thing might be a spectacular display of books right at home. Indeed, for bibliophiles with a design bent, building a home library might mean ditching generic bookshelves for clever built-in solutions like the examples below. Whether they’re multi-functional or just plain massive, these built-in bookshelves have us impressed.

The double-height library in this three-story penthouse in São Paulo is literally all bookshelves—floor to ceiling, on every side.
Photo by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen via 
In this 750-square-foot Paris flat, a series of angular built-in shelves turn average corner walls into usable space.
Photo by Stéphane Chalmeau via ArchDaily
A large black cube in this attic home hides the building’s elevator shaft and a bathroom while offering a wall of shelving on one exterior face.
Photo via Home Adore
Furnishing the rest of this Osaka apartment may be a challenge, but the parabolic-shaped shelves (made from repurposed Ikea Kallax shelves!) hanging from the ceiling definitely change things up.
Photo by Daisaku Oozu via Designboom