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‘Superhouses’ are outrageously luxe mansions for the super-rich

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If Christian Grey were real, he’d live in this super-luxe Superhouse

Rendering of a luxury modern home Images by The Boundary via Designboom

Talk about status symbols. After working with the boat designer who “invented” high-end, luxury “Superyachts”, architect Magnus Ström has decided to apply the same money-making idea to ultra-fancy houses. He’s creatively named the concept Superhouse.

The idea is to supply extraordinarily wealthy individuals with tricked-out, limited-edition homes. And we mean limited edition. In an act of lucrative artificial scarcity, Ström plans to build only thirty Superhouses, each with its number engraved on the facade—just like the homeowner’s print of Le Repas Frugal or their Patek Philippe Calibre 89. Natch.

House S00/30—the first Superhouse—has been designed for a gorgeous private bay on a sun-drenched Spanish isle. The large modern home is divided into two primary volumes separating staff housing, kitchen, and storage, from the master suite, spa, gym, and four junior suites. In the renderings, a dramatic spiral staircase sweeps down from the first floor to the ground floor, apparently without a railing. That’s right. Superhouse owners can self-insure.

The ground floor wall appears to open entirely to the outside, which features a 165-foot infinity pool and a private beach. Oh, and there’s of course room for the homeowner’s Superyacht to park just off the point.

Via: Designboom