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Frank Gehry is teaching an online architecture class

Ever wish you could design like Frank?

Frank Gehry making a sketch
Frank Gehry making a sketch
All photos courtesy Master Class

The starchitect’s starchitect Frank Gehry is still a busy man at 87 years young. When he’s not debuting major cultural institutions or winning a Presidential Medal of Freedom, the L.A.-based Pritzker winner is tapping into what’s hip and now, e.g. virtual education. That’s right: Frank Gehry is teaching an online architecture class.

Offered through the digital education platform MasterClass—which also has a singing class with Christina Aguilera, a tennis class with Serena Williams, to name a few—Gehry’s course will, per a press release, “share his unconventional philosophy on design and architecture.” Indeed. Besides hearing about the thought process that led to icons like the Walt Disney Concert Hall in L.A. and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, students will also get to check out the architect’s “never-before-seen” model archive.

“I have tried to give the students insight into my process – how and why I did things. I hope this gives them the wings to explore and the courage to create their own language,” Gehry said in a statement.

Here’s a video trailer for the class (because this is 2017):

Intrigued? Pre-enrollment for the spring class starts today. The cost is $90 for over 15 video lessons. Looking for a design education without the fees? Harvard has you covered with its upcoming free online course, “The Architecture of Imagination.”