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Ikea and Space10 are making urban gardening easier

They teamed on these spherical "Growrooms," which you can build yourself

Spherical wooden structure with five open tiers planted with all kinds of plants and herbs sitting in a lobby.
The Growroom allows urbanites to grow their own food—and find respite inside the pavilion.
Photos via Space10

Ikea’s innovation and design lab Space10 in Copenhagen is a hub for new ideas for sustainable “future living” in an urban environment. It is also an exhibition space, showcasing products that tackle challenges facing people across the globe.

One of the designs to come out of the space, which opened in November, is the Growroom, a freestanding spherical garden that hopes to empower people to grow their food locally and bring nature back into cities.

Designed as a collaboration with architects Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrik Husum, the Growroom, which is also a walk-in pavilion offering respite, proved to be so popular that Space10 decided to release the complete instructions for download. This open-source dissemination is more sustainable, too.

All you need to construct your very own urban garden is 17 sheets of plywood, a rubber hammer, and access to a space with a CNC milling machine or laser cutter. The sphere measures approximately 9.2 by 8.2 feet and features five tiers on which to place planters filled with all kinds of plants, herbs, and small vegetables. Find all the details right over here.

Via: Fast Co. Design