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French tiny house comfortably fits family of three

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Featuring a private bedroom for the child

tiny house for family of three Photos by Baluchon via New Atlas

There are many ways to design a tiny house fit for two, but when you add a third person—and a child at that—things sure get interesting. In this new Calypso tiny house, French builder Baluchon shows how to comfortably accommodate a family of three in a tiny home through clever design.

Clad in red cedar with a bit of Shou Sugi Ban charred wood for decoration, the house offers a main living space with a dining table wide enough to seat three, along with a small kitchenette. On the other end, there’s a loft bed commonly seen in tiny homes, which sits above a separate bedroom (with its own door and small desk!) for the child, plus a small bathroom with a composting toilet.

Plenty of storage space is hidden throughout the home. The sofa, which doubles as a guest bed (four people may be pushing space limits though), integrates storage underneath. And in the kid’s bedroom, the raised bed has two wardrobes underneath. Here’s a closer look.

Via: New Atlas