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Incredible green-roofed school blends into the mountain landscape

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school built into rolling hills Photo by Matthieu Tregoat via Inhabitat

We’ve seen a fair number of charming green roofs, but few are as committed to the idea as this sprawling new school in Revin, France. Completed by Bordeaux-based firm Duncan Lewis Scape Architecture, the project began with the demolition of the original ‘60s-built and badly-damaged Jean Moulin High School, which had been embedded into the landscape of rolling hills.

The new structure built on the mountain bedrock retains this connection to nature, creating a sequence of expansive vegetated terraces that gradually rise with the site. Classrooms are housed under the green roofs, fronted by entire walls of windows overlooking the valley below. The building’s central agora is well lit and features ramps on both sides leading to classrooms and other facilities. Here’s a peek inside.

Photo by Cyrille Weiner via Inhabitat
Photo by Cyrille Weiner via Inhabitat

Via: Inhabitat