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An architect embraces imperfections in her home renovation

Who needs a clean slate?

Inside the common area of designer Mélissa Ohnona’s home in Laval, a suburb of Montreal.
Via Dezeen

From London, England, to Guadalajara, Mexico, we’ve been ogling (and coveting) finely tuned renovations lately—and taking notes.

You can add this bright, open home to your Pinterest inspiration board: In refreshing her home, Quebec-based architectural designer Mélissa Ohnona decided not to go to the clean slate route, opting instead for something a bit more lived-in.

The result, recently showcased on Dezeen, is a mix of old and new that finds oiled-pine, wide-plank floors meeting sleek black-painted metal fittings and finishes. The 1,500-square-foot home had been renovated in the 1990s and its characterless look was in need of a serious refresh, said Ohnona.

So, Ohnona did some rearranging: The open-plan living room and kitchen, as well as the stair connecting the ground and upper levels, was moved, and Ohnona added extra bedrooms to make space for her and her husband’s three children. To get the work done in their budget, the couple took on a lot of the needed construction.

Custom cabinetry with leather pulls, as in an entrance hall, helps accommodate the family’s things, and subtle, soignée finishes, like a dark, matte kitchen and herringbone-slate floors, pull the whole space together.

Via: Dezeen