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Bright hues and graphic patterns light up this children’s hospital in England

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Morag Myerscough sought to create an artful space for patients

Interior of a white hospital room with panels of bright colors and patterns behind the bed with a teddy bear on top of it. There’s also a murphy bed pulled partly down whose bottom is striped with rainbow colors.
The designer digitally printed the patterns then laminated them onto Formica.
Photos by Jill Tate via Designboom

For children especially, hospital stays are not usually fun, which is why British designer Morag Myerscough sought to create artful spaces that let patients know that they are being cared for and thought of.

Working closely with Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Artfelt, the hospital’s charity’s arts program, and Avanti Architects, who built the new spaces, Myerscough designed four bright and graphic schemes that feature in 46 patient rooms and six multi-occupancy suites. Created with children of all ages in mind, the designer behind the eponymous studio made sure that the rooms did not feel childish.

“I also wanted to create somewhere parents would be happy to spend time, too,” she told Designboom. “It was just about making a bedroom that you felt good to be in.”

The result is colorful paneling and doors crafted from Formica laminate that compliment the hospital’s new domestic feel. Warm wood trim on the doors and window frames are accented with digitally printed patterns of triangles, diamonds, chevron, and stripes, while whole cabinet surfaces are covered in hues of orange, avocado green, pink, tangerine, sky blue, navy, and aqua.

Some rooms are given a more neutral color scheme, depending on the differing conditions of the patients. For an added sense of comfort, intimidating elements like plugs and wires were hidden behind Formica panels. Take a look below.

Via: Designboom