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New Parisian bar is an underground shrine to whisky

A vaulted basement put to good use

underground bar under arch Yann Deret via The Spaces

If being trapped underground with over 1,000 bottles of whisky is your idea of great fun, then Paris’s new Golden Promise whisky bar is sure to delight. Taking over a vaulted basement under a restaurant in the 2nd arrondissement, this swanky subterranean retreat is a glowing shrine to whisky, with practically all walls covered in the spirit.

The brainchild of retailer Maison du Whisky and French entrepreneur Youlin Ly, Golden Promise was designed by local firm jbmn. The interior comprises three different sections, each intended for enjoying the drinks in different ways. As Superfuture details, the “bar” is where you can try 200 whiskies in shots or as cocktails, the central “lounge” is where 800 whiskies can be had by glass or bottle, and, finally, the “Japanese lounge” offers a capacious space to sample some 67 exclusive Japanese whiskies. Below, a few more peeks inside.

Via: The Spaces