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These concrete vases are a Brutalism fan’s dream come true

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Sculptural and beautiful

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Three cylindrical vases made of concrete with hard lines and patterns that create a 3D effect on the surface.
David Umemoto teamed up with Parisian brand Larose to create a series of concrete vases that can stand alone as sculptures.
Photos by Celia Spenard Ko via Design Milk

Turns out that vases made out of concrete can be just as beautiful and sculptural as some of our favorite modern homes. Canadian architect and sculptor David Umemoto teamed up with Paris-based hat design company Larose to create a series of vases that are bold, Brutalist, and worthy enough to stand on their own as design objetsavec ou sans flowers.

Known for his concrete and modular sculptures that are, in essence, buildings in miniature, the Montreal-based designer recently turned his efforts toward “trying to find that sweet spot between sculpture and architecture,” he told Wallpaper.

The vases were crafted by using fifteen geometric sections and combining them into various configurations and casts that feature textured surfaces and patterns that feel architectural. They clearly pay homage to Le Corbusier’s Modulor scale of proportions, a big influence on Umemoto’s design philosophy. The vessels come in a variety of heights and styles, whether square or cylindrical, and cost $450.

Via: Design Milk, Wallpaper