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Spiraling Tokyo modern home has no doors inside

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Around and around the stairs we go

modern Japanese house Photo by GA Photographers via Dezeen; all others by Koichi Torimura

Boxy modern homes seem a dime a dozen in Japan, but this new project completed in Tokyo makes an unusual proposition for the interior. As it turns out, the staggered white volumes visible from the exterior hint at the spiraling internal layout, where different rooms are demarcated not by hallways and doors but by changes in height.

Designed by local firm Fujiilab for one of its own team members, the house replaces a 50-year-old building on the compact site. The continuous vertical flow of rooms helps maximize space for living, as well as the circulation of light and air.

On the ground level, there is the entrance and a bedroom, while stairs circle up to a kitchen and dining area with built-in seating. Further up, spiraling stairs next to shelving and nooks reach two additional rooms, each with its own roof terrace. Peek inside, below.

Via: Dezeen