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World’s first ‘flying car’ taking pre-orders after 15 years of development

Starting at just $399,000, you can buy your very own retro-futurist dream

flying car PAL-V via Inhabitat

Forget Dubai’s drone taxis, a Netherlands-based company has finally created a flying car. After more than 15 years of development, PAL-V is ready to launch its flagship aerial automobile, the PAL-V Liberty.

Part car, part gyrocopter, the vehicle can fly up to 100 miles an hour and transition from road-mode to sky-mode in just 15 minutes. The main propeller blades fold together and down above the cab when the Liberty is used as a car. The vehicle has three wheels, a Rotax engine, and a dual-propulsion drivetrain.

In flight mode, the Liberty requires a 590-foot runway for takeoff. However, eager flying-car-drivers should know that they’re legally required to have a pilot’s license and launch from an actual airstrip or airfield. Altitude-wise, it’s comparable with small, general aviation planes, achieving a maximum altitude of 11,480 feet.

The vehicles should be delivered in 2018, with the pared-down Sport model costing $399,000, while the fancier Pioneer has a price tag of $599,000. Pre-ordering a Liberty also takes a $10,000 down payment.

Via: Inhabitat