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Handcrafted trailer takes vintage design on the road

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This tiny teardrop camper is built to go off road

A teardrop camping trailer by Vintage Overland.
All photos courtesy of Vintage Overland

Despite falling out of fashion in the 1960s, the teardrop camper trailer has made a comeback, and a new class of campers is taking the iconic profile to the next level. Take Vintage Overland, for example, a caravan company based in Grand Junction, Colorado.

In terms of style, the Vintage Overland models are some of the best. Created by Britton Purser, a design-school graduate and former carpenter, the campers aim to combine “an appreciation for art and design and the romance of vintage travel.” Featuring a welded steel frame, anodized aluminum exterior, and an interior made from Baltic birch wood, Purser and his team pay homage to Danish design with a healthy does of Colorado charm.

The company has three models and two different sizes of teardrop campers, with the largest model boasting a queen memory foam mattress, bug screen, and a pull-out writing desk.

What the teardrop lacks in space—most models can only sleep two people at most and don’t feature built-out kitchens—it makes up for in convenience. Lightweight teardrop campers can be towed by most cars, and the Vintage Overland models are no exception. They weigh-in at less than 700 pounds and have off-road capable axles and beefy tires, ensuring that no gnarly, washed-out trail is going to stop you from reaching your destination.

And once you’re in the backcountry, the Vintage Overland campers will keep you comfortable. Each model comes with solar panels, a goal zero generator to provide power, LED lights, and USB ports and accessory outlets. Prices range from $12,500 for the smaller versions to $16,500 for the largest. Head over here for more.