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New retro-style keyboard clacks like a real typewriter

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modern typewriter All photos via Lofree

Vintage typewriters have a way of making it onto desks and credenzas as hip decor, but what good is it really if you can’t easily type away at the keys, relishing in the oh-so-satisfying clacks with every touch? Well, enter the Lofree Keyboard, a new quasi-typewriter that adds functionality to retro style.

Currently under development, the Lofree comes in a few dreamy pastel combinations, plus the more striking black-and-white and black-and-red versions. Whichever way, the setup will be ultra Instagrammable.

The Lofree is billed as “the first mechanical keyboard” and features the Apple Magic Keyboard layout. However, it’s designed to work with Windows and Android, as well as Mac and iOS. The device has both a wireless and USB connection mode, and comes with three different backlit settings. According to Design Milk, the Lofree Keyboard will cost somewhere between $75 and $100 when a pre-sale starts in early March.

Via: Design Milk