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This flexible 140-square-foot home maximizes livable space

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Could the ‘13 Square Metre House’ accommodate everything you need?

Interior shot of plywood-clad tiny home showing a small kitchen and a nook sofa built into wall of shelves and upholstered with light pink cushions.
The “13 Square Metre House” has everything you need—and ample storage, to boot.
Photos by Rei Moon of Moon Ray Studio via Dezeen

Remember this 13-square-meter house that was on exhibit at the London Design Festival last year? It has now come to rest at its intended home, a tiny, single-story structure in North London that was once a mini-cab office building, replete with a new set of photographs that really shows off the place.

Conceived by Studiomama co-founders Nina Tolstrup and Jack Mama, the micro home was designed to address the increasingly pressing issue of the lack of affordable housing in London and other urban areas.

By creating a residence that was small but still featured all the necessary amenities—in addition to ample storage—Studiomama hopes to challenge people to think about what they absolutely need in order to live comfortably.

A tour of the “13 Square Metre House” proves that tiny design can also be lovely, calming, and smart. Measuring just, you guessed it, 13 square meters, or approximately 140 square feet, the micro residence features a Murphy bed, small kitchen, bathroom with shower, a sofa, standing desk, dining table, bench seating, wardrobe, and plenty of clever storage solutions fabricated with specific, real-life items in mind.

The entire space, including the floors and ceiling, is clad in light plywood accented by pastel sliding doors, while two windows provide natural light. Pink upholstery lines the benches and sofa’s seating and back rests to imbue even more cheer in the compact home. Take a tour and see if a 140-square-foot space is all you need.

Via: Dezeen