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5 midcentury-style sofas under $2,000

And two under a grand

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The beleaguered “Peggy”
West Elm

In case you missed it, one piece of furniture—the $1,200 midcentury-style “Peggy” sofa from West Elm—has been in hot (internet) water over the last week, and it all started with a scathing review of the couch on the Awl. Written by a displeased Peggy owner, the article called out the sofa’s buttons that just won’t stay on and a less-than-satisfactory button repair kit that followed.

While the piece isn’t the first complaint against the sofa online, it was apparently influential enough for West Elm to remove the product (along with the sectional version) from its website. According to Buzzfeed, an employee at a West Elm store in New York said the item is now “completely out of stock.” Employees at West Elm stores in Alabama and Connecticut also said the sofas were removed from shop floors over the weekend.

The fate of the Peggy is unclear, but in the meantime, we’ve found some alternatives worthy of consideration. These picks offer the same fab midcentury lines and tufted details, coming in at a variety of price points.

Spencer Sofa by Gus Modern, $1,999, Wayfair
Abbott Sofa by Rowe Furniture, $1,219, AllModern
Eleanor Mid Century Modern Sofa by Kardiel, $1,259.43, Wayfair
Loft Fabric Sofa by Modway, $755.99 and up, Overstock
Saginaw Upholstered Sofa by Corrigan Studio, $849.99, Wayfair