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New tiny house goes traditional with porch, cute windows

So much pine

tiny house with dormer window and porch All photos courtesy Escape

After jumping into the tiny house fray with a series of impressive modern-style tiny houses, Wisconsin-based tiny house builder Escape Homes is continuing to explore a more traditional look. Last fall, it introduced the gabled Vintage and now it has come out with a new model simply called Tradition.

Offered in a range of sizes, including a 21-foot-long model and a larger 25-foot-long version that can accommodate a second loft, Tradition features pine wood walls throughout, plus a pine door to the bathroom. The layout is pretty standard with a lofted Queen bed above a kitchenette offering maple cabinets and optional stainless steel appliances. The living area has a pull-up desk and optional sofa bed.

A few features that set the Tradition apart are a large two-door closet (ever think you could have one of those in a tiny house?), the optional covered front porch, and dormer windows and built-in triangular storage in the loft. Of course, solar power and off-the-grid upgrades are always available.

The Tradition’s base price is $53,000, which makes it one of Escape’s lower-priced options.A closer look at the features below.

Take a tour inside in this video.

Via: New Atlas