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Modern house cantilevers over stone wall in England

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Two long concrete planes make up the floor and roof

Exterior shot of modern single story home that is essentially one long block that cantilevers over a stone wall on the west end. Sliding glass doors make up the majority of the central walls, while timber clads the far ends of the house.
The home is essentially one long block that cantilevers over a stone wall on the west end.
Photos by Martin Gardner via Designboom

Any modern house with long planes and windows-as-walls never fails to entice, and this cantilevering bungalow—two other catch words we can’t pass up—is certainly no exception.

Designed by Hampshire, U.K.-based Ström Architects for a retired couple, “The Quest” is a single-story “replacement dwelling” in the coastal town of Swanage in Dorset situated on a sloping, wooded site that features an open floor plan, minimalist interiors, and walls of sliding glass doors.

Two concrete planes make up the flat roof and the floor, which work together like a “space beam.” Parts of the concrete are exposed, establishing a narrow terrace off the living room, while other sections of the home are clad in simple timber.

A stone retaining wall defines different levels on the site, carving out a driveway and allowing the far end of the house to cantilever over it, creating a car port below. The master bedroom is situated on this side, while guest accommodations and study are found on the opposite end.

This simple arrangement of spaces “reduces the visual impact from across the valley,” according to the architects, letting the serene surroundings take center stage. Have a look around.

Via: Designboom