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This modular camper offers a high-design way to adventure

It’s called the Tigermoth and it’s a real beaut’

The Tigermoth trailer
Photos by TAXA Outdoors via Designboom

Perhaps it’s because we’re in an escapist mood, as a weird winter wobbles slowly toward spring, but lately we have been obsessing over campers and trailers—from ones that mimic vintage design to muscular land cruisers that look a bit like something out of Mad Max.

The latest to catch our attention: The Tigermoth, a towable, off-grid camper that its manufacturers, TAXA Outdoors, say will offer intrepid adventurers all-in-one shelter for up to seven days. The Tigermoth sleeps two adults and comes equipped with a 120-volt connection for charging LED lights inside the cabin, as well as a compact pull-out kitchen for whipping up meals.

As design-minded outdoors lovers, it helps, too, that the trailer has a cool look: an angular hatch opens vertically to allow access. The design of the rooftop toolbox and bicycle racks also impresses. Check it out and read more on how to snag your own here.