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Clever 3-in-1 apartment offers offers flexible, affordable housing

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Hungarian firm Batlab put three studios into one Budapest apartment

Composite image of six vertical panels showing a section of each of the three apartments and their color schemes.
Each studio is defined by a portion of the home that is painted in a single vibrant color.
Photos via Designboom

Hungarian architecture firm Batlab—known for striking loft designs—has come up with a clever way to accommodate three separate studio within a single apartment. Titled, appropriately, “3in1,” the project explores the idea of creating a “micro community” of members living together in a “small residential hub” as a way to address the need for manageable and affordable urban housing for young adults and graduates.

The architects began by taking an L-shaped 110-square-meter (1,184-square-foot) apartment in Budapest and placing the entrance at the center of the space in order to create a common access point for all three studios, which are each configured differently.

Each otherwise-white flat is differentiated from the others by a portion of the home that is painted entirely in a single, vibrant color. For instance, the first studio features a lime green kitchen tucked under a lofted space. The second studio includes a large yellow cubby accessed by a staircase from the living room. In the third, the entrance hall, also tucked under a loft, is painted a dusky blue.

The colored zones also help make the studios appear more spacious—and cozier—than they are. Indeed, each flat includes ample living space and plenty of natural light, thanks to large windows. Built-in storage and minimal furnishings also contribute to the sense of openness. Take a look.

A lime green kitchen marks the first apartment.

The second studio features a yellow office cube.

A blue entrance hall characterizes the third flat.

The main entrance connects all three studios.

Via: Designboom