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Food-delivery drone of the future could be eaten, too

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The Pouncer drone hopes to be the “ultimate useable package delivery system for aid and disaster scenarios”

Shot of a small aircraft with translucent body filled with different grains sitting on a field of grass.
The new Pouncer drone would be able to carry up to 220 pounds of food.
Photos via Dezeen

In a year or so, the Pouncer drone could transport vacuum-packed foods within its three-meter-wide (or about 10 feet) hull and wings in addition to literally being a source of food itself.

Developed by Nigel Gifford, a former army logistics expert who also designed the WiFi-beaming Aquila drone, the aircraft, which is currently constructed from sustainable wood sources, could soon be made out of parts that can be eaten. This innovation would allow victims in disaster and conflict-stricken areas to consume all components of the drone instead of just its cargo.

To be manufactured in three sizes, the Pouncer will be able to deliver up to 100 kilograms, or 220 pounds of goods, per use, and would be launched via catapult, balloon, or other aircraft depending on its destination.

"We wanted to make something that is the ultimate useable package delivery system for aid and disaster scenarios that could go where traditional methods can't due to damaged infrastructure, and solves multiple issues that have previously cost lives," Gifford told Dezeen. Head there to learn more.

Via: Dezeen