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7 self-watering planters to kickstart your spring

From the basic to the designer

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self-watering pot
Natural Balance by Studio Lorier, €44.00 (~$46.56)
Studio Lorier

Nothing says spring like more plants. They make for atmospheric decor. They help purify the air. And they can bring life into the house! That is, if you manage to keep them alive.

To that end, we can all use a little help sometimes. So, without further ado, here are 7 self-watering planters that will make it easier for those of us lacking a green thumb or two. Typically, these planters come equipped with a bottom reservoir for storing water and then slowly feeding it back to the soil through wicking. This means less frequent watering for you, and a better shot at avoiding overwatering or underwatering. Take a look.

IKEA PS 2017 3-piece self-watering plant pot set, $24.99
Window Garden self-watering planter, $15.99
Misco self-watering planter, $13.98
Lechuza Classico self-watering indoor/outdoor planter, $38.49
Self-watering planter (terracotta glazed in celadon) by Joey Roth, $65
Triangle ceramic succulent planter with self-watering saucer drip tray, $19.95