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6 midcentury living rooms to inspire your decorating scheme

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Don’t let these gorgeous settings discourage you from achieving the look of your dreams

If all else fails, get the iconic Eames lounge chair and ottoman and call it a day.
Photo by Lance Gerber, courtesy TKK Represents

It would not be an understatement to declare that the midcentury modern aesthetic is here to stay. From homes to restaurants to retail outlets, that minimalist, often Scandinavian look can be found everywhere these days. But translating that scheme to one’s home can be a little challenging, even just based on the sheer number of furniture options alone, for instance.

To help you focus, we’ve pulled a few of our favorite midcentury living rooms to inspire your decorating adventures. And though these spaces are contained within architecturally stunning homes, don’t let that hinder you from creating the atmosphere of your dreams.

1949 home once belonging to Disney animator in La Cañada Flintridge, California

Photo via Estately

Warm, friendly, and adorable, just like the characters Frank Thomas created for Walt Disney, this living room has got it all: wood paneling, large windows, built-in shelving, brick fireplace, and a charming mix of furniture.

1952 mystery home in San Diego, California

Photo via Zillow

Though floor-to-floor carpeting isn’t considered all that modern anymore, don’t let anyone tell you that floral upholstery or big, comfy chairs aren’t either because they are definitely of the era. Think of it as your grandparents’ take on midcentury. What’s old is cool again.

1954 Ken McLeod Residence in Claremont, California

Photo by Cameron Carothers, Courtesy of Matthew Berkley/Crosby Doe Associates

Don’t be afraid to go retro, as seen in this marvelously cozy room, by adding a shag rug, multiple lamps, or a striking piece of furniture.

1954 E. Stewart Williams-designed and registered Palm Springs abode

Photos by Lance Gerber, courtesy TKK Represents

Nothing like a Charles and Ray Eames lounge chair and ottoman to go one-and-done and tie everything to the midcentury modern look. Here, it’s the massive stone hearth that gives the room its power, but absent that, a statement chair—especially one so iconic—will get the job more than done.

1955 Richard Neutra-designed J.M. Roberts Residence in West Covina, California

Photo by Cameron Carothers

A cool color palette complemented by just the right amount of texture keeps this light-filled, wood-paneled room fresh.

1967 Eugene, Oregon home inspired by flight

Photo via Zillow

Leather and wood work well together, especially when the setting is rustic and the views filled with nature.