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Cool Parisian coworking space takes over former industrial building

It’s called “Deskopolitan”

Inside the new “Deskopolitan” coworking hub in Paris’s 10th arrondissement.
Photos by Deskopolitan via The Spaces

Have we reached peak coworking space? Not yet, says yet another such open office for itinerant creatives. This rather nice one, carved by British firm MoreySmith from a former industrial building in Paris’s 10th arrondissement, makes the case for their enduring appeal.

Dubbed Deskopolitan, the space clocks in at 4,430 square feet, and includes a series of open work desks, meeting rooms, telephone booths, and a café. (There’s also a barber shop, because 2017.) The Spaces, where we spotted this, reports that French presidential candidate Benoît Hamon has rented the entire space and is operating his campaign from it.

That’s a rather big endorsement for its usefulness and location, but we’re in it for the design. Inside, a mix of exposed ducts and polished concrete floors de rigueur in former industrial spaces and pastel-hued chairs, ceiling lights, and other accents. Take a look around.

Via: The Spaces