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Palm Springs’ newest modernist gem? A revived ‘70s Al Beadle design

A Modernism Week treat

modern house in the desert
The new Beadle House from afar
All photos courtesy O2 Architecture

Modernism Week, Palm Springs’ annual toast to midcentury modern architecture and design, is in full swing, and this time around, the desert city so filled with midcentury gems already has got a fresh pair of houses for visitors to tour. One of the them is designed by none other than Al Beadle, the Phoenix architect who brought his trademark steel-and-glass style to desert modernism.

The new “Beadle House,” realized by local architect Lance O’Donnell in collaboration with the Beadle Archives and Beadle collaborators, was created based on never-before-built plans of a ‘70s Beadle design originally intended for Paradise Valley, Arizona. Located at the foot of the San Jacinto Mountains, the structure comprises a compact base with a second level that cantilevers 14 feet out in every direction. Expansive glass walls, of course, frame stunning views of the surrounding desert landscape.

Below, find footage of the Beadle House open for tour and head here for Curbed’s own Facebook Live walk-through of the space.

The second house O’Donnell completed for the Miele Chino Canyon Project is a project of his own, a contemporary design with modernist sensibilities, located within walking distance of the Beadle House. The O2 House, which makes use of natural ventilation and solar energy, also relishes in the natural terrain with astounding views out to Coachella Valley.