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3D modeling software made these architectural cakes possible

They’re both intimidating and enticing

Yum! These architectural cakes by Ukranian pastry chef Dinara Kasko were made with 3D modeling software.
Photos via Dezeen

Last week, we drooled over 3D-printed, architecture inspired chocolates: colorful stair-shaped candies that came in flavors like lemon and cookies and cream. Now comes news, courtesy Dezeen, of architectural cakes. Clearly, bakers are leveling up.

Designed by Ukranian pastry chef—and former architect—Dinara Kasko, the cakes’ silicone molds are 3D modeled with popular design software Autodesk, and then constructed a bit like one would go about putting together a maquette—but with sugar.

Lest you think the cakes are all stacked squares and rectangles, Kasko also produces “Cake Bubbles” of meringue, guava, and spongecake. Another concoction—pyramidal in shape and concrete in color—is topped with a bright-red bauble and ringed like Saturn. Inside, you’re rewarded with mousse and passionfruit jelly.

Take a closer look over at Dezeen.