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La La Land, Stranger Things get architecture treatment in watercolor floorplans

Get a bird’s-eye view of your favorites movies and TV

Mia’s apartment from La La Land
Floor Plan Croissant

For all those architecture-movie-buffs out there, you can now buy some pretty incredible paintings of houses and apartments featured in famous movies and TV shows.

In her project “Floor Plan Croissant,” architect and artist Boryana Ilieva paints plan and section views of houses and apartments that serve as the architectural backdrop for movies and shows. Ilieva uses watercolor to depict these settings, some of which have been a part of films nominated for this year’s Academy Awards.

Take a look at some of her work from this year’s best movies and TV shows, which include Mia’s apartment in La La Land and Mike Wheeler’s house in Stranger Things.

To buy Ilieva’s work, head over to her site on Patreon.

The house in Fences
Floor Plan Croissant
The house in Elle
Floor Plan Croissant
The house in 20th Century Women
Floor Plan Croissant
Mike Wheeler and Will Byer’s house from Stranger Things
Floor Plan Croissant