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Smart radiator offers heat—and cold!—for the design minded

It looks a bit like a toaster—and we dig it

Playful concept sketches for Degré.
All images courtesy Degré via Designboom

Though home tech products each offer specific services, they all, by and large, promise convenience above all else.

Degré, a heating and cooling device created by Belgian industrial designers Tim Defleur and Benjamin Helle at Accent, is no different, and offers to warm or chill your apartment, depending on the season, with a simple, app-operated system and sleek, look.

Like a lot of home tech these days, it has a rounded form—one that evokes a friendly toaster or children’s rocking horse. In fact, it may be a combination of the two: For quickly warming up, users are invited to sit atop the unit, which is sheathed in foam and upholstered fabric and features casters for easy movement from room to room.

Looking to get your place toasty as you commute home from the office? A smartphone app allows remote access to Degré, so you can fire it up on the go. There is also a simply designed interface on the back of the unit to increase or decrease the output temperature. Heat radiates from the bottom of the unit creating what Designboom called a “thermal cocoon.” Until winter ends, we’ll take it.

Degré comes in three colorways.

Via: Designboom