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A furniture design show for cats is a thing meow

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9 Lives will open at Singapore Design Week next month

Interior shot of living room with a bed shaped like a wedge of watermelon with a green pad, one red wall, and an open grid on the other side.
The Watermeowlon is a bed shaped like, well, you get the picture.
Photos via Design Milk

Cats make great pets, especially in small urban apartments, which is why we love them so. Designers are catching on, too, creating sleek furniture to accommodate our furry friends, like Katris, a modular cat tree system that can be arranged like Tetris blocks or integrated with existing furniture.

This project takes it further. According to the website, “9 Lives” is an exhibition in which “nine designers ([aka] lives) express their take on furniture design for cats for urban, compact living spaces.”

Taking place at Singapore Design Week next month, the show will spotlight how good design can improve the lives of cats—and their owners. “As more Singaporeans adopt street cats and integrate them into their households, there is a growing demand for quality cat furniture,” Tan Chin Chin, the mastermind behind 9 Lives, told Design Milk.

The show will include eight pussy pieces that take traditional feline-friendly design to new heights. The “Cat Tree,” designed by Rodney Loh, is shaped like a bird cage on a pedestal. A hole in the cage allows for a cat to enter it and observe the goings-on below. Platforms placed at different levels help the cat reach its perch.

Lee Yun Qin has created a “pop-up” cat house made out of cardboard that can be folded up and put away when not in use. Other designs include the brilliantly titled “Watermeowlon,” a bed shaped like a wedge of the fruit by Toh Eelaine, and Grids, a play structure by Andrew Loh made from wire grids and decorated with rope for scratching.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Cat Welfare Society. Have a look.

Cat Tree.
A cat temple.
Another view of the Watermeowlon.

Via: Design Milk