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Concrete ‘Ark House’ offers beautiful views and privacy

It’s a beaut

concrete house perched on hill Photos via Dezeen

Today in alluring concrete homes: Polish architect Robert Konieczny has designed for his own family the “Ark House,” perched on a verdant hill in picturesque southern Poland.

Konieczny knows a thing or two about concrete. Last year, his Dialogue Centre Przełomy—an all-concrete museum that arises from a public square in Szczecin, Poland—won both the World Architecture Festival’s “Building of the Year” and the European Prize for Urban Public Space awards. For this private residence, Konieczny highlights gorgeous surrounding views with glass walls, but cleverly built in some safety and security measures as well.

First off, the house has a drawbridge entrance and sliding wall that can be used to close off the home. And because of the slope of the site, the bedrooms at the opposite end of the entrance are more concealed, positioned at a higher level than the ground. The elevated Ark House, true to its name, was also designed to withstand landslides and accommodate rainwater run-off underneath.

Here’s a video tour inside, courtesy Dezeen.

Via: Dezeen