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Sony's Xperia Touch makes any flat surface an interactive screen

It’s the latest Jetsons-esque product from the folks at Sony

The Xperia Touch, from Sony, converts any flat surface into a 23-inch interactive screen. It will be available this spring.
Courtesy Sony via Designboom

This year’s Mobile World Congress kicked off today in Barcelona, Spain, and already some home tech news is out: Sony today unveiled the Xperia Touch, an Android ultra-short-throw projector that turns any flat surface into a 23-inch, high-definition touchscreen.

How does it work? Infrared light and sensors in a built-in camera detect users’ motions. In practical terms, this means some pretty cool in-home gaming, calendaring (if that’s your thing), and video conferencing possibilities. The Xperia Touch also “runs any app or game downloaded form the Google Play store,” writes Designboom.

It helps, too, that the Xperia Touch features a look that won’t embarrass the design-savvy, while avoiding the sleek-white-box aesthetic so much home tech sports. With its perforated-metal shell, black front and back, and rounded edges, it looks more Richard Sapper (the influential 1980s designer and fan of the color black our critic, Alexandra Lange, wrote about last summer) than Jonathan Ive (of Apple industrial design fame).

Interested in snagging one? The Xperia Touch will go on sale this spring and run you a steep $1,600, reports our sister site, The Verge. It sounds like for the die-hard, avant-garde home tech nerds, it could be worth it.