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This 355-square-foot Stockholm studio has it all

Smeg refrigerator, farmhouse sink, marble countertops

Shot of small kitchen with white subway tile back splash, marble countertops, farmhouse sink, and stainless steel stove with oversized exhaust hood.
Yes, it is possible to have an on-trend kitchen in a tiny studio apartment.
Photos via Nooks

For micro-apartment-living inspiration with a Scandinavian twist, look no further than this 33-square-meter (that’s approximately 355 square feet) studio apartment in Stockholm, Sweden.

The apartment is essentially one room that has been expertly divided into a kitchen, sleeping alcove, and dining area. When isolated, as in these photographs, each zone appears to be self-contained—no doubt a testament to the home’s layout and decorating scheme.

Working within a compact space doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort or style. You can still have a stainless steel kitchen with an oversized exhaust hood, marble countertops, farmhouse sink, subway tiles, and, most importantly, that Smeg refrigerator of your dreams.

It certainly helps that the home is flooded with natural light. But sacrifices must be made as well. A bed snugly inserted into a nook saves space, in exchange for the discomfort of having to scoot out of bed rather than step out. That, in turn, however, allows the kitchen and “bedroom” to coexist side by side and divided by a partial wall.

A sectional placed in the corner opposite the bed creates an informal lounge and an additional place for socializing. Pale floors, white walls accented by large swaths of navy blue paint, and wall-mounted storage play space-saving roles as well. It’s available for rent and possibly even available for purchase through Nooks. Take a look.

Via: Apartment Therapy