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Modern rainforest home lives large under a tent roof

A rad solution for a special site

boxy house with tent roof Photos by Christopher Frederick Jones via ArchDaily

It’s a house...It’s a tent...It’s a Tent House! Rising in a rainforest near Australia’s Sunshine Coast, this new family retreat didn’t just don a big tent for looks alone. Indeed, the striking cover creates an expanded living space that offers the best of indoor-outdoor living on a compact site.

Conceived by Aussie firm Sparks Architects, Tent House extends the boundaries of the living area past the open-plan box at the core and out to the extensive decks and gardens covered by the tent roof.

The indoor-outdoor effect is compounded when the box structure is completely opened up: Not only do all the walls slide open, but the roof can also open automatically, exposing the interiors to the translucent outer membrane.

The tent also serves some key practical purposes, of course, including providing shading the home and aiding in natural ventilation, thanks to the void between the two roof elements.

Via: Inhabitat, ArchDaily