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1900s home in Australia gets airy modern concrete update

Quite lovely

Interior shot of living room looking toward the back of the house where a skylight staircase marks the beginning of the concrete extension.
The addition begins where the hardwood floor transitions to concrete.
Photos by Murray Fredericks via Dezeen

This early-1900s-built home in Sydney, Australia has undergone a significant expansion that integrates seamlessly into the existing structure. Helmed by local firm CO-AP, the renovation involved “modernizing” the home as well as creating a two-story concrete addition to the rear of the property.

Maximizing natural light and green space were the project’s biggest priorities and was accomplished by adding a skylit staircase to the center of the house and opening up the extension to the garden by way of floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. A spacious open-plan kitchen, dining, and living area are contained in this space

A bedroom sits above on the second floor and also opens up to the garden below and a succulent-filled planter by way of a large horizontal window running the length of the room. And while the extension is made from concrete, it’s been finished in a way that doesn’t feel cold. Wood floors, carpeting in the bedrooms, white walls, and plenty of windows brighten and warm up the space, creating a cozy home. The best part of the renovation is that it is largely unnoticeable from the front of the home. Take a look.

Via: Dezeen