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There’s a 24-hour livestream of cats playing in a dollhouse

It’s called “Keeping Up With the Catdashians”


The world of cat-oriented design is heating up this year. A number of modular cat furniture systems have debuted lately, and next month, feline architecture will have its own showcase at Singapore Design Week. But can anything beat Iceland’s incredible cats-in-a-dollhouse reality TV?

Inspired by the hit E! series Keeping up with the Kardashians, the Icelandic show Keeping Up With the Catdashians (“Kattarshians” in Icelandic) follows the lives and loves of four orphan kittens purring and napping in a tricked-out feline mansion. And did we mention that it’s a 24-hour livestream!?

The interior design of the two-story abode is eclectic to say the least. Traditional wood floors run throughout, complemented by Victorian-inspired wallpapers. But other elements contrast with these conservative touches: A white skeleton stair leads up to the second floor, the pink and blue bunk beds lend a pop of PoMo, ultra-modern translucent Ghost Chair-style seats feel chic, while a set of wee Eero Aarnio Ball Chairs lend a more vintage vibe.

Here’s one camera’s view inside. (There are two more.)

The show was created by Skot Production, Sagafilm, and Nútíminn—a local news site—with the full approval of the The Icelandic Cat Protection Society, Icelandic Food And Veterinary Authority, the Animal Welfare Officer, and the Expert Veterinarian and Animal Welfare Officer. Each kitten also gets off-camera time.

Within the show’s first 24 hours, it blew up on social media around the world. Three of the kitten have already been adopted. But which furry feline will be the show’s breakout star? Check out some cat cast bios.

Via: Apartment Therapy