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Gabled Seattle waterfront home luxuriates in its minimalism

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It’s the work of local firm Suyama Peterson Deguchi

The Junsei House in Seattle, by local firm Suyama Peterson Deguchi.
Photos by Charlie Schuck via Dezeen

We dig this: Seattle firm Suyama Peterson Deguchi designed this A-frame waterfront house in the Emerald City for clients who wanted to live minimally, in a home in the city’s West Seattle neighborhood that defers to the incredible setting, a sylvan site along the Puget Sound, which we spotted on Dezeen.

The Junsei House—junsei is, roughly, “purity” in Japanese—clocks in at 7-and-a-half-meters wide and 23 meters deep (or about 24 feet wide and 75 feet deep). Inside, an open floorplan is minimally but lushly finished with weathered plywood wall panels and broad windows that bring sunlight into the interiors.

The feeling of luxury is heightened by the high ceilings and well-appointed kitchen, which includes pretty seamless integration of storage and appliances. The master bedroom lies on a lofted upper level and features a little terrace. We’ve basically moved in, in our hearts. Take a look around.

I mean, really.