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This tiny home was 3D-printed in 24 hours

And it cost just over $10,000

At this point, a house (or a five-story building) made of 3D-printed parts is no longer a shocking sight. However, a new project in Russia takes the instant gratification of a 3D-printed structure one step further by getting all the printing done right on site.

Completed in the town of Stupino, located 60 miles south of Moscow, this 400-square-foot home was made with 3D-printing company Apis Cor’s mobile 3D printer, a crane-like, first-of-its-kind apparatus that’s small enough to be portable. That means the structure’s main components—the self-bearing walls, partitions and building envelope—were all printed on site, eliminating the need for transportation and assembly. The insulation, a combination of solid elements and liquid polyurethane, was also completed on site.


The roughly circular home, which cost just over $10,000 to create, looks surprisingly sleek when complete. The exterior was finished in a white decorative plaster, while the interior has a contemporary style, furnished with appliances from Samsung, a project partner.


Via: Designboom